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I went deep into a rabbit hole on this one. Many mistakes retakes and days into this. The individual parts are all there but rough and with lots of clicks and bangs.

The conceit: Transcribe the chords for Fur Elise and reset as a blues-folk song. Problem 1-- chords are published all over the place for the first section, but I had to use music memo on ipad to find approximate chords for the other sections.

Problem 2: The changes are strange and arbitrary. Thanks Ludwig.

I kept the structure and the chords as close to the original as I could. (I think a piano player could overlay the original to it).

Then I got a fierce cold and both my voice and motivation left for a few days.

It was fun looking at the writing style of Beethoven in this depth, and I think it works as a folk song.




Sean McGaughey FAWM 2017 #7
Week 2 Challenge-- Classical From Beethoven: Fur Elise
3/4 110

Section A

E7 Am E7 Am

E7 Am E7 Am (Intro-- Noodle on organ

E7 Am E7 Am
She packed a suitcase and a kitten
E7 Am E7 Am
Into an old Chevrolet
C G Am E7
tattered jeans, hopes and dreams
E7 Am E7 Am
To seek a new life far away
E7 Am E7 Am (20 or 28)
It'd all stay the same if if she stayed

E7 Am F F
You gotta take a chance
Bb Bb E E7
Play the cards in your hand
Am C C C
Let the Chips fall where they may
E E7 Am Am
the odds may be in your favour one day

Section A

E7 Am E7 Am
You're easily lost in the city
E7 Am E7 Am
Nobody knows your name
C G Am E7
Alone in a crowd, you're crying aloud
E7 Am E7 Am
Nobody knows your name, NO
E7 Am E7 Am
Nobody knows your name,

Section C: (Instrumental)
A A Dm Dm
Am Dm Am Dm
A A Dm Dm
Bb Bb Dm Am
E7 E7 Am Am
Am Am Am (24)

Section A

E7 Am E7 Am
Days become weeks then months and years
E7 Am E7 Am
Hopes fade, dreams disappear
C G Am E7
Still Alone in a crowd, she's crying aloud
E7 Am E7 Am
In sadness she prays for release.
E7 Am E7 Am (20)
Will anyone care for Elise?



from Guitars, Ukuleles, etc​.​.​., released February 28, 2017
Sean McGaughey (c) Feb. 2017




Sean McGaughey Ontario

I am a folk singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and children's entertainer in Simcoe County Ontario. By day, I am a mild-mannered Elementary School teacher-librarian.

Since 2013, I have been participating the the February Album Writing Month Challenge at fawm.org to write 14 songs in February.

This year I challenged myself to up my musicianship and production values. This is the result.
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